The only way for us to create
great things is with great people who
truly enjoy what they are doing

The Pat-Ami team truly enjoy what they do and are here to help you do the same, every single day!


Patricia Richardson, founder and owner of Pat-Ami, believes in this motto with every fibre of her being. Pat-Ami is the realization of a deep need to work every day with freedom and creativity, as well as shortening the lines between the team, its customers & partners.

Lost in our routines we sometimes forget to enjoy life. Instead of looking for a job that expresses our best qualities and makes us feel alive, we linger and cling onto our safety net. It is normal human behaviour: we need tools, as Pat-Ami provides, to jolt us out of it.

Even in our free-time we are not always sharp in making the right choices for a reasonable price. We often overspend or decide to follow the same pattern every weekend and holiday day. Is it not more fun to bid on a vacation auction and seize our chances?